“I had the privilege of going out to Wisconsin and being guided by Pogo on a 2 1/2 day Musky trip. Let me just say I consider myself a  decent angler with quite a bit of knowledge in various species of fish fresh and salt water. So with that in mind I went into this trip with a opened mind hoping to learn a few things and possibly land one of these MONSTER fish. It didn’t take more than a few minutes of speaking with Pogo to realize I was in good hands and I knew I was going to have a opportunity at one of the muskies I’ve heard so much about. The amount of knowledge I got from Pogo the few day’s I was there was amazing and the fish he put me on well let’s just say I will never be the same and I will be visiting Wisconsin every year from here on out. I will say this if you are looking for a trip of a lifetime with a guide with a great personality great attitude and up beat Pogo is your guy. Not only did I leave this trip with a fish of a lifetime I also left with a lifelong friend” - Devon


“The amount of knowledge I got from Pogo the few day’s I was there was amazing”- Devon

"There aren't many folks i'd prefer to spend time on the water with than Pogo.  I learned so much from him about predator fishing.  He's such a willing and generous teacher and through his efforts guiding me he has become a friend as well as a mentor.  Steve knows his water and the fish that swim in it intimately and he will work like hell to put you on them and make sure you have a good day.  I count the days until I next get to ride in one of his fully equipped water crafts and cast to fish that eat the fish you've been fishing for."

-Chad Wilde


“He’s such a willing and generous teacher”

Chad Wilde

“I went out with Pogo and what a day we had. I have been chasing Pike for a year now and have had minimal luck. He had me on a 36" pike within an hour on the boat. Besides the awesome fishing, we had a great time and I learned a ton on how to fish for Esox. Can't wait to go out with him again. FISH ON! 

-Joe Marozzi


“He had me on a 36" pike within an hour.”

Joe Marozzi

“I had the pleasure to go on the water with Pogo a few times. Both times were exceptional. We caught fish and gained tons of knowledge through him and his time on the water. He's a great guide and guy to be around.”

-Trois Jeter


“We caught fish and gained a ton of knowledge”

Trois Jeter

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