Let the fun begin! Here is the first YouTube video from Pogo Pike's channel. The first 1/2 of 2018 recap with clients and friends! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/1XXdQv0o9CA

Here is a short video of a few memories made thus far this year. Below are also some deep but light thoughts by me. Refer to video if you aren’t much of a short story human. 😳

Passion, family, friends, and making memories in my opinion is the gravy of life. This video and memories made aren’t about me. It is about us. We are all in this together every day; life.

As the months pass, the basic concept of appreciating every day and trying to put a smile on those around me is more important than anything else.

The pleasure to spend time on the water with old friends, new friends, father & sons, and people from different parts of the country is an honor. Whether it is fishing or your own personal passion, it is that bliss that makes your heart sing. We should do more of that and more importantly, appreciate the now.

The now are the memories of tomorrow. As I turned 35 yesterday 😜 and putting this video together I realized yet again, how fast it all goes by.

Love, appreciate, help each other, and follow your bliss.

Pogo Pike