Follow me on IG at Pogo_Pike It is always an exciting time when your new boat arrives! Last month I added another Stealthcraft to our repertoire, the Stealthcraft Hooligan!

After a month of using the Hooligan, I am completely in awe of how it performs. A good friend and fellow guide said, "for a small boat if fishes big". I have taken it down the skinniest of water with 3 people, loaded it in the bed of my truck, brought up and down river banks, with the little effort. 

We now have two Stealthcraft boats, the 16 foot Power Drifter Jet Sled, and the Hooligan regular. If you have any questions or in the Northeast and would like to test of our my boats, feel free to reach out. 

The Stealthcraft Hooligan opens up so much water most people can't float or get into areas a typical drift boat can. I am excited to have this as an option for new water and old water!