The Fall of 2017 was one of the most amazing to date. Starting off fishing local CT waters which started out hot, the bite was on. Pike and bass where getting into their fall mode. Mid size flies were getting the bite and top water was very hot! Who doesn't love top water explotions. 

Then it was on to Musky Country, a two day drive with boat in tow, excitement beyond belief, and visions of wild Wisconsin Musky dancing through my head. The rest of September and all of October in WI was EPIC. Spending my time with the master himself, Brad Bohen, and crew was not only an education / Musky Boot Camp, but was some of the best moments of my life to date both on and off the water. 

The bite was hot and cold, mostly due to the fluctuation of air and water temps. We had to work hard for every fish. I learned a lot, that is for sure. Once you think you have these fish figured out, think again. Between the rives and lakes fished, we were able to get into some beauitful fish. The scenery and wild life was amazing. 

My fishing partner Kyle Sorensen and I were able to take the 2017 Treeland Fly Fishing World Championship, which was exciting as anythihg I ever accomplished in sports. I was also able to fish and become friends with local guide Jason Stewart. One amazing fishy dude as well as one of the most solid guys you can know,. 

All in all it was epic. As the season is coming to a close (please Mother Nature some more warm days to allow a few November fishing excursions) I reflect on a amazing year, friends I have made, memories in my mind forever.  The winter will be full of fly tying nights with buddies, telling fish stories, and preparing for 2018. Happy Holidays to all and please feel free to reach out to me anytime. - Cheers! - Pogo